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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 11, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> we're heading into another but not mid 0s. upper 20s. tonight we have more cloud cover expected. more cloud cover may help to hold temperatures up just a little bit more, down to 26 degrees in fairfield. napa county airport, 26 degrees, 29 in livermore so cold there as well. around the coast and around san rafael, winds blowing held temperatures up in the low 40s. 32 in santa cruz. freeze warning saturday, mid 20s to low 30s expected north bay. lighter purple here, bay shore line covered under a frost advisory.
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you might want to bring sensitive plants inside. i'll be back to let you know how long the chill is going to last. the weekend forecast is next. >> a lot of people are bundled up to go to school or work and found out it wasn't as cold as they'd expected in the bay area. thermometer stayed at 50 degrees in san francisco. but it wasn't bone chilling cold. some found it perfect for a polar bear swim in the bay. that is tough, today, green bay packer fans are wondering what the fuss is about over this cold. >> word about the cold, we play in frozen tun dra. nothing colder than green way. >> is he a super hero? well, for us, it's cold,
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right? traffic over the grapevine returns after being closed overnight due to snow. hundreds of drivers stranded in the cold. patrol closed the route. snow, ice made it just too dangerous to travel on that busy artery. >> there are some stunning moments in a courtroom today when a convicted double murderer suddenly made a dramatic statement. today was the first court appearance for the man charged with killing his mother he was sentence owed death for prior crimes. laura anthony witnessed the outburs in the court today. laura? >> this is the very short hearing but not lacking in drama for those of us inside the courtroom. upset that he was wheeled into the courtroom by the bailiff and began to cry complaining about not being able to hear, then basically confessed.
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>> did say i plead guilty to everything. i admit everything this, is the third one. >> prosecutor karen jenson describe describe what's observers heard. dennis stanworth admitting to killing his 90-year-old mother, nellie. >> i can tell you she was found at the defendant's house, as far as circumstances are manner of death autopsy was just this morning so i don't have that reports yet. >> stanworth was not entering a plea but statements can be used against him at trial. the 70-year-old was arrested wednesday, after he called police and told them he killed his mother. detectives arrived at his home, they found nellie stanworth's remains. according to the complaint prosecutors think dennis stanworth killed his mother november 6th of last year. her body found outside on the property stanworth shares with his wife and father-in-law. his wife was in court but
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declined comment to abc 7 news. >>[ó, and just devastated this area. >> his arrest and that he has been living free for 22 years has been difficult for the families of the two teen-aged girls he was sent to death death row for sexual assaulting and killing in 1966 this, woman is afraid of stanworth. she was raises as a sister as one of the young victim autos are you confident they'll keep him in this time? >> no. i'm scared to death. they are going to -- someone is going fall through cracks and he's going to be best behavior, it's going to happen, again. very no confidence at all. >> now, this case stanworth being charged with first degree murder with special circumstance he killed before. if convicted he could face the death penalty. that is the sentence he escaped 40 years ago.
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>> authorities no longer actively searching for an inmate who escaped when being transported for a medical exam. the sheriff's department says he somehow got out of restraints on the ride, and then, took off once arriving. you can see from sky 7 authorities staked out roof tops looking for him without luck. he was in custody on charges. >> thorlts sate first murder pray may have been a case of a young man being at the wrong place at the wrong time. the 17-year-old shot and killed after midnight. authorities research rushed to the public housing complex after receiving calls and found williams in a walkway he had been shot several times and died a short time later, family members say he just moved to marin city to live with his mother ask that may have made him a target. >> when you are not from out
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here and walk around out here, it's not okay. you have it worse than girls. i wish i knew who shot my mother brother. i don't know who shot my brother. >> his family had been attacked before. last year, someone fired shots into the home. they'd been trying to get transferred out. police say they have no suspects or motive. escorted out after getting an okay from the coast guard. coast guard finished gathering evidence. the investigation continues skpuk see the ship passing under the golden gate bridge, here. bay bridge bumper has $2 million in damage. >> governor brown said administrators need to do lempb to do more with less if they want to avoid raising tuition and fees higher.
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hi, nannette. >> hi there. uc says it's been cut over a years, so it's welcome news to see a proposal giving them more funding next year. is that going to be enough to avoid hikes? the new budget proposal uc and csu are slated to get a $250 kblinl boost in funding in the next fiscal year. assembly speaker perez fired a warning shot saying that better be enough and threatened to rethink uc future funding if there is any mention of tuition hikes. >> so they have to understand there are expectations there be no fee increase autos governor brown think as gresively expanding courses and making faculty teach a heavier load will help. 69 graduation ratesx et to move
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students through, faster. >> people goring to have to find a way to do the same thing with fewer growing resource autos administrators wanted $400 million and say the proposed $250 million increase looks like hikes can be avoided. >> it's too early to say anything. but it's a commitment here to do everything possible to keep switching it to the same level as sit now for next year. >> students frustrated because getting a degree is getting more expensive. they thought the tax hikes in prop 30 were supposed to help slow the skyrocketing costs but in a letter linda says the passage assures our students will not face mid year increases but no mention about the extra money stopping tuition increases next year.
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>> there are college students on a super tight budget. >> uc is independent of the government and -- governor and legislature and can't be told what to do. he's expected to firmly plead for no more tuition hikes. >> teachers in city college held a huge demonstration today to protest layoffs and more than 200 members marched outside where the chancellor and administrators were holding a state of the school abus. teachers worried they'll use money earmarked for academic programs. the school stands to lose $6 million@z falling enrollment. city college has a deadline to show a commission it's fixed a dozen deficiencies.
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failure to do so means the1"é:x school could with shut down. >> coming up, women being hit with stun guns. >> and worse for cell phones. a warn goinging out. it's a story you'll see on abc 7 news. >> facebook may have found a way to guarantee messages get to friends instead of a spam box but this is going to cost
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los angeles police looking forearmed robbers who held a gruch nordstrom rack employees overnight. one employee called her boyfriend to report gunman near the store located near
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l.a.x.. they found 13 hostages locked in a storage room and bathroom. no sign of the robbers. >> we came up to be there and watched it and was something sort of a movie happening outside. >> one hostage treat forward a nonlife threatening stab wound another employee had been sexual assaulted. >> there say sa new warning about walking with a cell phone not paying attention to surroundings. police say women are being badly beaten and hit with stun guns by thieves. violence just to steal a phone? >> here, a woman was badly beaten for her cell phone. police say half of the robberies last year involve electronic devices and say people have to pay attention or these thefts will continue. >> in the districts women can be seen talking and texting on
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smart phones. many not look up for long periods of time, police say it makes them vulnerable to a snatch and grab thief. >> some gif came through the neighborhood watching fast just wipe swiped it. >> amanda describing what happened to her co-worker here just last week. another theft occurred outside this mom. >> -- home. >> we heard the girl screaming and called police. >> those two instansz occurred within days of another woman being badly beaten here for her smart fob known. now, the women have posted this window for others in the area. tuesday, yet another woman was takd for her phone and purse here at the bus stop and the thief used a stun gun. >> he approached the victim, stunned her in the face, demanding the phone. the phone fell to the ground and he stunned her in the chest.
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>> this police officer says there is a description of the man and police are looking for them. thefts are happening during dieday light hours. many happen on muni this, video shows a man sitting behind a would. he grabs the behind a wouc@.t and takes off. another theft shows this man standing by doors, grabbing a phone as the doors open. many are now taking precautions. >> i won't take it out. >> i won't take it o%5q+fvm rqqe robberies is also increasing. they're warning people not to walk ask text and to be aware of their surroundings. >> thank you. >> police have arrested three men accused of robbing cell phones andñw money from five
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kids on a muni bus. police say they golt on a bus, sat down next to the kids and patted them down to look for more loot. the men arrested face 10 felony counts. >> a treasury of the bay area has died. vivienne brown died in her sleep. she and her identical sister were iconic figures in the city more than four decades. the two were inseparable and regulars at1l" kne yaichl they had spaghetti and a glass of merlot every tuesday and friday night autos customers loved when they came n they'd have their table. they have a standing reservation. only exception this 23 years. >> the sisters lived together until last year when vivienne was diagnosed with alzheimer's disease. marion would come to visit
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regularly. memorial services have not yet been announced. she was 85. >> those of us who got dwoth to know them loved meeting them. >> how much would you pay to message mark zuckerberg is in the company testing a $100 charge is to allow users to send a message into the indochl. the company is testing pricing and can generate another that a deliver rif message autos drivers in the gronld gate bridge might have noticed folks coming dwoun a case of 49ers fever. the toll collectors will wear cap and clothing through tomorrow. gold found in 1849.se1֖$o]
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that may hold your hrts up a couple degrees tonight compared to morning. another live picture from our south beach camera. looking
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towards sutro to you yerk it's beautiful. skies are clearing in this direction but not for long. checking out live doppler 7./.e you'll see this here with those clouds. as we show you temperatures now, you'll notice they're falling upper 40s to low 50s, most areas into low to upper 50s running cooler than where you should be for this time of the year, string of cold nights haechld sunny, cool this weekend. looking at dry, milder weather next week. that is when we'll realize temperatures overnight. remember, this air mass is cold and moved in from alaska. is that is with us. we havex'%e more clouds coming n later tonight. that may instul yait us. skies clear out tomorrow night, sunday morning we can be talking about record cold temperatures in places like
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fairfield. sheer look at computer animation tonight. clear skies and clouds hold temperatures up, then we'll see clearing again with mostly sunny day for saturday afternoon. mentioned clearing and colder. temperatures may dip low 20s in the coldest inland valleys. stay tuned. still not going to be getting out of the cold any time soon. 29 degrees in livermore andnn nappa. below freezing in santa rosa. 31 there. 37 fremont. you'll notice oakland half moon bay into low 40s. cloud cover will help you and it's breezy now. that should hold temperatures up. 37 degrees in palo aelt alto 36 san jose. high temperatures saturday, they recovered well. mostly sunny skies and a cool afternoon. 50s in san francisco. you'll see lingering clouds. 51 santa rosa.
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conk yorksd oakland, fremont, low 50s, antioch, 48 degrees in livermore. around monterey bay, clouds lingering near the coast. 51 in monterey. here is a look at the big game forecast tomorrow night. 49ers take on packers, jacket, sweat shirt is something you'll need and it's going to be cold, but dry. 48 degrees at 5:00 p.m. 58 p.m. talking about temperatures dropping down to mid-40s, accu-weather forecast, cold mornings, saturday, sunday, and monday. temperatures in afternoons staying cool, low 50s upper 40s. then, numbers start to recover, tuesday, through friday large ridge of high pressure builds in. temperatures going rise. not just overnight but daytime as well. up into low 60s around the bay. thursday, and friday. so first we'll freeze, then we'll thaw out. >> yes. >> i do have something to tell but.
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>> winter in the bay area, as you know is different than it was 10 years ago. abc 7 news weather team and i exploring decades of data to document how climate change is affecting weather here. it is one of the topics we're looking into for the weekend's abc 7 news special inside bay area weather airing sunday evening at 6:30. hope you can get a chance to tune in. check it out. it will be great. >> thank you. >> looking forward to that. >> coming up... from michael finney free stuff good for the environment z a sweet to eat. >> that is next. then at 6:00 automotive technology being developed to help get you
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hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios >> you know the weekend is here. >> michael is here with
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finney's friday free stuff. >> let's start with bambooy. it's a reusable towel that is disposal made out of bamboo. >> cool. >> you know it's the fastest growing plant. >> right. >> it's easy to grow and everything. so it's reusable. >> this feels soft. >> use it and it's about the size of a paper. only costs $1. safeway guys, they are a crack up these guys. >> hosts clothed -- closed so they came up with cream cake golden cake with creamy filling. look familiar to you? >> yes? they have this side of, and these guys here. this is not hohos. >> chocolate cake rolled with
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creamy filling. >> yes. similar. >> yes.. >> how do we get? >> glad you asked. >> if you're there go to michael finney's consumer blog. one of which is a piece of pizza. >> thank you kooum a friendly wager put into motion is ahead of the niners
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coming up at 6:00 it's chilly now, should be cold overnight. sandhya patel return was an accu-weather forecast, and meet people having fun with what we consider cold weather. also, what are the odds? two car parts ordered and both
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left out in the cold. find out how michael finney sorted it out. and the twist involving two quarterbacks in tomorrow's niners game, we couldn't make this up. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. now back to cheryl and dan. >> thank you. see you then. brought out gambler autos if 49ers win, green bay will provide free preview tours of the exploratorium for san francisco school children. >> if they lose, san francisco will sponsor a free day at the new childrens museum at green bay. >> other including sour dough bread and cheese from wisconsin. >> can't lose with those items right? sounds great. go, niners huh? world news is coming up next. >> from all of us here
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this is "world news" tonight. turning point? a new sign that the flu epidemic may be starting to peak. what about the herbs and special vitamins at the drugstore? which ones really work? winter gridlock, the punishing new storm leaving drivers stranded in the dark. survival guide. so many people falling through thin ice. tonight, we leap into the freezing water to show you how to get out alive. and our "person of the week." she has autism, an incredible spirit and she wants to become the next miss america. good evening. tonight, we want to tell you about the first sign that the flu epidemic could be starting


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